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Dating Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces

The stamping of the name on Bach trumpet mouthpieces has varied over the years.  Below are some general guidelines to help determine the age of Bach trumpet mouthpieces.  The dates are approximate.


"VINCENT BACH" Small letters, no "CORP", but with new "font."   Deeper  stamping. 2007- 


"VINCENT BACH" Small letters, no "CORP", but with new "font."  Shallow stamping. 2004-2007




"VINCENT BACH"  Large letters.  1997-2003




"VINCENT BACH" (no CORP.) 1994-1996




"VINCENT BACH CORP." With shallow period near "P".  1980s-early 1990s





"VINCENT BACH CORP."  With period that is deep and far from "P".  1970s





"VINCENT BACH CORP."  Slightly bigger "squarer" font.  Period after "P" is kind of "square" also and is tucked in near the "P".  This stamping is not very common, and seems to only appear on certain sizes.  Late 60s-early 70s


"VINCENT BACH CORP"  (no period) 1965-1969





"VINCENT BACH CORP MT VERNON N Y" Close spacing to letters, no periods.  Later Mt. Vernon... 1960(?)-1964


"VINCENT BACH CORP., MT VERNON N. Y."  Wider spacing to the letters.  Early Mt. Vernon... 1953 to 1959(?)


"VINCENT BACH CORP., NEW YORK" Letters do not have "serifs".  Late 1940s-1953



"VINCENT BACH CORP., NEW YORK"  Letters have "serifs".  This particular mouthpiece was made of solid aluminum, and was almost certainly made during WWII when there were brass shortages.  Early to mid 40s.


"VINCENT BACH CORP., NEW YORK" Deep stamping, and the letters have "serifs."  1930s



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